There is Never Enough Time or Energy for the Working MOM

Oh man I'm exhausted which is keeping me from being motivated at work. Which during this week is a big NO NO, I need all the energy and motivation possible. As a working mom what do you do to get more time and energy in your day?

I am so exhausted at the moment any and all ideas are welcome.

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Anonymous said...

Too much coffee. :-) I work at home, which means extra willpower to keep motivated. I've always had the ability to move through fatigue. Not sure how. These days if I'm really tired, I take a walk around the block to wake me up. I'll also take a break and call a friend. That always seems to energize me. I might also put on some music, although that might not work in an office environment. I also realize that a tired day comes from lack of sleep, so I do what I can to be in bed by 10:30 pm. I think that's why I'm most tired.

Hope you figured something out!
Take care,


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