Child Slavery - Girls are most Vulnerable

In most poverty stricken countries parents sell their children into slavery. Sometimes they are tricked with the promise that they are sending their children to work as domestic help. Sometimes though they know their daughters are going to brothels and the money is worth more to them.

The Child Slavery story by Time journalists Alex Perry and Jonathan Taylor tells about how parents profit from their daughters work in brothels.

I can't imagine for the life of me what it would be like to sell my daughter, let alone into a life of prostitution. Do these parents weep? Do they regret? Do they think about their daughters? Do they even care? I could not continue to live knowing my daughter was in pain let alone if I put her there.

For years I have sent money to either World Vision or Foster Parents Plan. When I was young my parents sent money to World Vision. Has it made a dent? Does any of the money help out? It sounds like things are only getting worse regardless of these types of organizations.

Is there a solution? Probably not an easy one because any solution would mean those with money would have to think of others and care about the faceless poor.

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