A New System to Motivate the Kids to Help Out Around the House....

I am constantly trying new ways to get the kids to help out without it becoming a huge fight. Every time I start a new system the kids get motivated for a day.... Hopefully this new system will work.

Both kids want to go somewhere - My daughter wants to go to the water slides and my son wants to go to Seattle. I was so pissed off at them yesterday I decided I wasn't doing anything nice for them until they started helping out. So I created a points system.

If they do some work around the house they get a point.
If they do it without being asked they get another point.
If they do a bigger job the get an extra point.
If they do what they are told they get a point.

In order to go to their place of choice they need to collect 40 points each. I will not be doling out money or driving them anywhere without enough points.

I'm not sure how long this will last... hopefully longer then the marbles idea.

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