Canada`s Justice System is too Expensive and Needs to Be Revamped

I`m tired of hearing how much is being spent on trying criminals and knowing that our society is only getting more violent.  Robert Pikton`s trial cost over $100 million and the BC Rail trial is at over $17 million.   Our tax dollars are wasted everyday with continuances and appeals with the result in most cases being a slap on the wrist or an acquittal.  Has the pendulum swung too far to the left? 

Our justice system is based on precedents and interpretations of laws by judges.  It has taken on a life of its own where the rights of the accused are valued more then the rights of the victims or public safety.  The hands of the police force are so tied that it makes their jobs to keep the public safe harder and harder every day. 

What Canada`s justice system needs is some accountablity.  Judges need to be accountable to the public they are suppose to protect.  Laws need to be written with consquences that are harsh and will deter criminals or ensure they will be seperated from the public better.  However, can it be done?  Is there anyway for our society to call for stiffer penalities? 

International Centre for Criminal Law Reform

Criminal Justice Reform BC Government

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