Raising Siblings to Be Friends

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I was about to enter a new post in my WAHM support and resources blog when I had a sudden urge to start a new blog on raising siblings to be friends. As I sat here under my electric blanket, it's -46 outside, I could hear my son helping his sister with her kindergarten homework book - they are suppost to be going to sleep. I started to think how wonderful their relationship is and how amazing they are. So a new blog is born, raising siblings to be friends.

I have a brother and to say we are not friends is an understatement. We aren't enemies but we are far from friends, this was always an issue for me. So when I had kids, it was extremly important to me that they be friends and then siblings.

My kids rarely fight. I'm not kidding, they rarely fight and when they do it lasts all of 2 minutes and then they are best of buds again. I must be lying right? I'm not, they rarely fight.

I wish I could say I'm a brilliant parent that has unlocked the secrets of the universe, but I can't. I have learned and stumbled along the way, just like any other parent. We've all heard that kids don't come with manuals, well, that's not true. It is true that they don't come out the birth canal and say hey mom here's the manual for taking care of 'me.' However, walk into your local Chapters or search 'parenting' on Amazon.com and you'll find 100s of "manuals." Reading has been my salvation, that combined with experience and two great kids.

Best Sibling Book:

I think I'll have to split them up now, not because they are fighting but because they need to stop talking and get to sleep. I am hoping that over the course of blogging you will find some pearls of advice, some ideas, and coping mechanisms to help you raise sibilings that are friends.

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