A Summery 6x6 Scrapbook Album - A Year in the Life of Your Family

At Time Out ezine the project of the month is a 6x6 scrapbook album - a year in the life of your family. I put together this scrapbook a couple years ago as Christmas presents for the grandparents who live in another province and don't get to see the kids regularly. It's a great scrapbook album for a few reasons:

1. Makes a great Christmas present for family
2. Uses up scrapbook paper and scrapbook embellishments you have had and haven't used for a while.
3. The 6x6 scrapbook album size is perfect for a quick look at your family's life
4. It's a real easy and quick scrapbook to make
5. There are some cool 6x6 scrapbook album or accordion albums available.

This scrapbook is so easy to put together and takes little thought.

Step One:

Collect some of your favorite pictures from the year. If digital, crop them and print out the pictures in a 4x6 size. You only need one or two pictures from each event ie birthdays, vacations, sport activities.

Step Two:

Choose similar 12x12 scrapbook papers and cut them into 6x6 sheets.

Step Three:

Gather up scrapbook embellishments and a couple quote stacks or similar quote scrapbook products.

Step Four:

Add one picture to each 6x6 scrapbook sheet and then embellish the 2x6 space beside the picture with a quote or a journal comment and some embellishments.

Step Five:

Put the completed pages into the 6x6 scrapbook album and you've now completed a year in the life of your family, a visual summary.

More examples at the Time Out E-Zine Gallery. Submit your 6x6 project pages to the Time Out E-Zine Gallery detail there.

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