Date Night with My Son to see the Movie of our Favorite Book - Inkheart

We have been waiting for the movie for what seems like years. We set a date night just the two of us to see the movie adaptation of our favorite book when it went into pre-production. The book has more details then the movie but the movie did not disappoint. We both wanted to see it again when it ended, of course I couldn't afford the ticket price.

I love date nights with my son and girls nights out with my daughter. I always learn so much about them and how they think during this special one on one time. My son and I love the same type of movies and stories so it is a time of bonding. Reading a chapter or two before bed and then to share the movie together completes it.

Movies from books miss so much of the story or go off on their own tangent that the story is changed. Inkheart though it condensed a lot of the action, it did get the bulk of the story true to the book. The characters looked and acted like what we expected, except maybe Batista, I was expecting more menacing. Usually when you wait so long for something you are disappointed but this movie was what we expected - great!

The official Inkheart Movie site.

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