Spending Too Much Time Behind the Camera Perserving Memories

Last night we went to the Airdrie Festival of Lights, which was cold and beautiful. It ended with a spectacular fireworks display and as I took pictures I realized something; I spend so much time looking through a camera to preserve memories I'm not apart of. Looking at something through the lens of a camera or a video camera removes you from experiencing that which you are trying to preserve.

How much time do we spend watching those videos that we spend so much energy taking? We take video to preserve memories that we won't have. By watching something through a camera you are removed from actually experiencing it and remembering the emotion of it. You are not engaged in the event you are trying to preserve so is it really a memory worth remembering?

Personally I love taking pictures they help trigger memories later on in life. I just have to stop trying to only take pictures and try to spend more time in the moment enjoying the situation I am trying to preserve forever. Next time your child has a school play try putting the camera in someone else's hands or a tripod and just enjoy the moment of watching your child perform. That memory will last in your mind and heart longer than any you preserved in video.

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