The Fun is in the Journey

I am driving along the transcanada in the majestical Rocky Mountains for the thousandth time. Everytime I do I find yet another Jewel.

I left at 4:00 am from Calgary destined for the Okanagan by 9:30 am. The first time I drove this route by myself this early my 10 year old son was an infant now my 7 year old daughter is asleep in the back seat. She'll wake up just as we arrive and the 6 hour trip will seem like minutes to her.

Since we're moving to the west coast this will be my last trip. I zip past rest stops and towns I've stopped at in the past ans wonder if other Calgarians on their way to their Okanagan or Shuswap destination have taken a moment to enjoy the journey. Some places I've stopped to stretch, like Feader Lake, surprise me with kids playgrounds and quiet scenic benches. Some stops to grab a snack, like field, are filled with history and photo ops. Most though have been a historical educational walks for my children as they see, touch, and learn about the building of the railway in the BC Rockies.

One of my favorite pictures is of my son at 1 1/2 years old. We'd stopped at the Rogers Pass Petro Canada for a pee break (for me) and through sheer curiosity took a walk along the deserted rail track. An easy walk through the forest has plaques that tell the story of men who lost their lives trying to build a section of the railway. At the end of the journey is the Rogers Pass summit marker.

There are so many places along this section of the TransCanada Highway that relay the past history many only get to read about in History Books. How many Alberta and BC families have flown by in their cars, timing themselves to see how fast they could get to their destination.

Some stops have been planned, our time at the natural bridge in field. Some stops out of necessity like the little access roads off the. Main highway for a private urgent bathroom break. Some to cool off from the summer heat because our car didn't have a/c. Since I was born here and have driven this stretch of highway so many times the awe of it is lost on me. For those who have traveled here and taken the time to visit every part of this beautiful majestic mountain region and have seen the work of God, you are the fortunate ones because many who live here zip by on their way to somewhere else.

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