Summer Bliss at Mabel Lake BC

It isn't summer until I get to the lake where I've spent every summer of my life. Just being here is a confirmation that summer is here. Until now everyday, hot or not, just seemed like any other day. I am so blessed that I get to spend my days at my childhood summer home - Mabel Lake BC.

my children are blessed that they get to spend most of the summer with Gramo (not a typo) and Grampa at the cabin. This is where I learned how to swim, my father learned to swim, my grandmother learned to swim, and where my great grandfather swam. This year both my kids are swimming and getting better everyday, it's about time they did. Both were so cautious of the water that swimming lesson's were a waste of money because they never got any closer to swimming. I found it so frustrating as year after year they wouldn't get any better at swimming. For my son it took playing with other boys that swam without life jackets for him to take the next step. My daughter just figured out that swimming without an aid was so much fun that she became a fish. It may have taken a few years longer then it should of but I am proud that they are finally swimming so well.

Growing up I detested the idea of having to come up here year after year and not getting to see other places. As a teen I complained it was too boring. As a young adult I told my parents to leave the cabin to my brother, I didn't want to spend the rest of my summers there. Now, as an adult I can see the value in this place.

Things have changed over the years, yet somethings haven't changed, there is no cell service, no Internet or computer, no TV or video games. My kids don't quite know what to do with themselves outside all day. They might suffer from technology withdrawal for the first few days but they'll get used to it and even if they don't they'll survive.

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