Why You Shouldn't Watch Soap Operas With Your Kids in the Room.

My son is home sick today and since we don't have many TV channels to choose from and I caught him watching an episode of the Young and the Restless. I don't think he's about to get hooked on soap operas but it got me thinking about how damaging a message they play out for young minds.

I had a 5 year old girl in my dayhome who was "boy" crazy, she was determined to marry herself off sooner rather than later. She was very aggressive and at the horror of more than one boy she was obsessed with kissing. Her mother was a fan of soap operas and during her time home with the kids she watched soap operas with her daughter every afternoon.

Soap Operas are unhealthy for kids because they don't teach wholesome family values. Their characters get married and divorced so much that they should provide a cheat sheet of how all characters are linked to each other. Marriage getting difficult? That's OK have an affair, get divorced and marry someone else.

There are enough unhealthy messages for little girls in the media without subjecting them to soap operas.

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