Adventures in Odyssey and Family Time

My kids and I love to sit and listen to Adventures in Odyssey together and the stories are so wonderful and filled with moral lessons we can talk about. It is old radio theater and not TV so imagination must be used to know what's going on.

Produced by Focus on the Family it is centered around a man named John Avery Whittiker, not sure if it's spelt right. John Whittiker runs an ice cream shop designed for kids to learn, discovery and have fun. Every story is filled with moral christian lessons about things like, honesty, kindness, patience, love, and more. Every episode has a lesson to talk about with your kids. We love to listen before bed.

Try it out and see if your children love to listen to the stories. You can listen at There are lots of episodes in the archives and both daily episodes from the past and new weekly episodes. If your children are having problems in life with bully's or moral delemas these stories are a tool you can use to help.

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