Create your own Coffee Station in your Home

Mothers have limited time and as such need to be organized. Not always an easy thing. One area in my home that I need and love to have organized is a coffee station in my kitchen.

Between the stove and the sink lies my oasis, my coffee station. The counter houses the tools and the cupboard above my special mugs, the counter below the coffee supplies and between the utensil drawer for the spoons.

By ensuring that everything is in one place, easily accessable making coffee is easy and quick. Organize your kitchen with various stations for baking, spices, cooking, cleaning. Each area has everything you need just an arms length away. Spices in a drawer or rack near the stove. Plates, cups and utensils close to the dishwasher.

When organizing your kitchen think in triangles. The outside large triangle being the stove, sink and fridge. Smaller triangles for stations that encompass the main point, the stove, sink or fridge. There is no point having spices near the fridge or coffee pot next to the stove instead of the sink.

Do you have any home organization ideas to help mothers make their lives easier? Share them.

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