Include Sibling in Baby Shower Planning and Gift Ideas

Are you planning a baby shower for a friend or relative? Looking for baby shower ideas? Is this maybe the second child for the family? If this is the second baby, include the older child in the festivities. Give him or her a special job, a surprise for the new baby. Make sure to have a gift for the older child that will include him or her in the gift receiving. Something to celebrate their special role as a new big sibling.

The older sibling could be responsible for:

Picking out a gift
Choosing the theme of the party
Picking the color scheme
Picking out the cake

Give the child a digital camera or a one use camera to take pictures of the baby shower. See how they saw the day and then together put the pictures in an album with little notes to the baby from their older sibling.

Having the older sibling involved in the baby shower planning and festivities will bring him or her a sense of being included even if the party is about the new baby instead of them. They will have a feeling of importance and a spirit of giving.

Go Green Environmentally Friendly Baby Shower Theme

For baby shower ideas, supplies and gift ideas.

Gifts for the older sibling

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This is very good information. Sibligs should be active participants. Great post - Thanks!


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