May Long Weekend is Family Vacation Time - 6 hours in the Car!

We went to the Okanagan for the weekend to get away, I haven't been there since we moved back to Calgary last November. It was nice to get away, the drive is about 6 hours one way. The journey was great and the kids didn't bicker at all.

Thank goodness for Nintendo DS!

Even without the DS' they've been great on trips. They like the same things and my son is very patient with his little sister. If there are any problems it is usually because she is being bossy.

They've been making the trip on a regular basis since they were born and we take lots of long car trips so they are very used to entertaining themselves in the car. I always have stuff for them to play with or do, even a TV/DVD set up. Of course candy and snacks are a must with water to drink.

Both of them have a long attention span, when they were younger I had to put more choices and more stuff into the car for them to do. Now one or two DS games is enough to keep them entertained for the whole trip.

At first my parents were very critical about TV in the car, but if it keeps the fighting down to a minimum who cares!

What things keep your kids entertained while in the car?

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