Chewy Rice Krispie Squares???? and a Birthday Cake

I remember my mom making the best chewy rice krispie squares when I was a kid. Everytime I make them they are hard and crunchy..... That should give you an idea of what kind of cook I am, after all who can screw up rice krispie squares?

So I did what anyone with a problem does today, I searched the net and found some advice that had me slow down the process. I turned the heat to low and slowly melted the butter and marshmallows.

The result has been a chewier rice crispie square, so far. I'll see if they are dry tomorrow. UPDATE: Still Chewy even days later. I've even added mini marshmellows just before I add the rice cereal and they only melt a little and add more chewiness.

I also love adding chocolate chips ontop of the squares they melt with the heat and then I spread the chocolate and let it set. Soooo good.

Birthday Cake Idea:

I got tired of throwing birthday cake away after parties, the icing was all gone but the kids rarely ate the cake. So now I make birthday cakes out of things the kids will eat.

I'll have to try a rice krispie birthday cake next birthday party. Just make the rice crispie squares and then decorate with icing, add candles - Voila instant birthday cake.

Finger Jello Birthday Cake

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Angela said...

Thanks for the advice. My husband is an athlet and I want to make him and his team some treats for the road, but was worried about them being too hard and not chewy. I am going to try the low heat. Wish I could find small marshmellows but one can't have it all! lol :)


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