School Kids Shave Their Heads for Cancer and Raise $22K

My son's school organized a shave your lid for a kid event to raise money for Alberta kids cancer care. The school is K-4, has 500 kids in it and raised over $22K. Twenty kids choose to shave their lids and one was even a girl, the daughter of my hair dresser. My son's hair was the second longest but just short of the 12" to make a wig.

I was shocked when my son wanted to shave his head. His hair was long and part of his image and personality. He wants to model and act in commercials so his hair is a huge part of his image and look. He raised $550 by going door to door and calling family for pledges.

I am so proud of him, he says he doesn't want to do it again and really wants his hair to grow back fast. We are going to bleach it and die it bright red for fun so the tips are red as it grows back. Hair is hair and it grows back - I want him to have fun with it too.

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