I Gotta Get Serious and Loose some Serious Weight

OK I'll admit it - I'm overweight and I need to loose some serious weight. Diets suck and I've tried a number of them, but fall off the wagon sorta speak. I start exercise regimes but then life gets busy and before I know it I've missed a day or two and don't get back at it.

I really need to get healthy, that's the big thing. I eat terribly and sit on my butt way too much. I hate packing lunch and since I am a salesperson I'm in my car 90% of the time so the drive thrus have become a bad habit as a lunch choice.

So the commitment needs to start now - right now with a walk to pick my daughter up from school and then making my cold calls while standing or pacing. So that's my plan for today - not a huge life altering step but a step none the less.

Any ideas, what works and what doesn't? How to stay motivated and really want to loose weight? I think that's my first major problem I don't feel overweight, yet the scale says I am. Everytime I start loosing weight and something life altering happens I turn to junk and stick my head in a book until it all passes, in the meantime I've gained 20lbs. A reason to loose weight, one I can passionately hold on to is what I need. What have been some of your reasons to loose weight or diet?

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