Organizing the Scrapbook Stuff - I have so much Scrapbooking Supplies Organizing it is a Nightmare

I have to put together a home office in the corner of my bedroom. I need the home office for work but I was thinking of incorporating all my scrapbook, family, and business stuff into the space. Not easy considering the minimal amount of funds and space I have available.

Organizing 12x12 scrapbook paper can be tricky because it doesn't fit traditional business sized filing systems. This is why such items as 12x12 hanging file folders and 12x12 file folders are so perfect. Only thing is what can hold 12x12 file folders? How about a blue 12x12 box specifically meant to organize your 12x12 Scrapbook paper?

The 12x12 cascade folders are a handy way to organize your papers and if you have as much scrapbook paper as I do you may want to color code the paper with the matching 12x12 cascade folder color.

I have scrapbook stuff in rubbermaid three / four / and seven drawers on wheels. Not much to look at but at least everything has a place. I cover it with beautiful brown cloth I picked up from Wal Mart for .10/meter. They are great for the cutters, magazines, and various tools but aren't big enough for the paper.

I do file the 8x11 cardstock and larger embellishments in a rubbermaid file box with lid and find it very handy when I need a color or a themed embellishment. I would prefer to file the 12x12 paper the same way along with all the work and personal files. I have a cedar chest that I will have my husband convert to a very large file cabinet so the 12x12 files will fit along with the regular letter sized. This may take some creative fabrication on his part with 2 different width sizes. If I just had the boxes then I could pull out the box I wanted to find the file of. It would also be handier for work as I will be travelling a lot and will need to take boxes of files with me.

The smaller embellishments like buttons, eyelets, and brads were easy to organize in a fishing tackle box. Perfect sized compartments for them and I was able to organize the paints, inks, and embossing powders in the larger compartment. Makes it easy to pick it up and take with me when I want to work somewhere else besides home.

Trying to keep everything at hand and in order can be difficult, there are lots of organizing products out there in the market. Which works best for you?

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