Had So Much Fun Visiting the Kids at Mabel Lake - They'll be home in 2 weeks and I miss them already

It was a blessing to see the kids for a few days and it just doesn't seem like summer until I'm at the lake. Mabel Lake has changed a lot recently, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. My parents enjoy the 9 hole golf course and I like having a fabulous restaurant to eat at. The kids love watching the planes fly in and out and they'll make lots more friends then we did growing up.

The lake barely changed from when my grandmother was a child to when I was a teenager spending summers there. A few cabins here and there but for the most part it was a quiet lake. Now the development has brought lots more people from Calgary into the area and as a result the lake is busier and animals are disappearing. We were commenting that although there are little frogs there are no more big bull frogs and there is a marked increase in mosquito's due to the decrease in bats.

I'm glad my kids are able to spend their summers there with their grandparents. My parents are relatively young and my kids entertain themselves they are hardly a strain on them. The whole time my parents kept commenting on how quiet and good they are. They are amazed at how they take care of each other and play together so well, all the time. Ya right -- We did notice a marked increase in both of them being mean to each other and I think it's time they were separated a bit more.

Two more weeks then they will be home playing with their own friends and spending more time apart which I'm hoping will result in appreciating the time they are together more - I can hope can't I? With different schools and different after school care facilities the time they will have together will be less, much less. I want to make a conscious effort to ensure they do have quality time together throughout the week, not always easy when both parents work and both kids have activities. Thing is it is so important to me that they remain the best of friends that it will be a priority to have quality family and sibling time. I believe this has been the key all along - not too much time together but enough to ensure a close bond.

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