Kids Go Green - Cute T-Shirt for the Go Green back to school Kids

I was looking for stationary when I came across this cool online magazine - KidsLA Magazine. The cover is what caught my eye - Kid's Go Green and a little girl wearing a cute green recycle symbol t-shirt.

Kids are getting ready to go back to school and want to wear something different that will also say something about their values. At there are so many different designs that your child will find something that they will love to wear to school.

I can't believe school is right around the corner. The kids are coming back this weekend and I have to get them back on a proper sleep schedule and shop for clothes and supplies. Then figure out bus schedules and how to get my son to school the mornings I have an appointment and am out of town. Life is going to get more complicated with both of us working and two different schools and two different school systems. Time to get the mom's schedule calender, I'm looking forward to a regular daily routine.

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