January is a Drain on My Bank Account

Will it ever end? Payments for dance, acting classes, and hot lunches - every time I turn around I need to write a cheque for something. Christmas tapped my account into the red and with all these extra expenses I don't know if my account will ever see black.

September is expensive because of back to school and new activities. During September the kids come home almost everyday with a new request for funds or things to buy.

December is a complete financial loss with Christmas and all the holiday trimings.

January has more activities to pay for.

April is my most expensive month because both kids birthdays land in this month.

June brings my husband's birthday and father's day.

July and August are expensive due to holidays, activities, daycare, and wardrobe change.

There is nothing like kids to drain the finances.... well except maybe a house. I am trying to get a surplus of funds to pay for renovations on the new used house we purchased but at this rate we'll be living with plywood floors for a long time.

My kids haven't even hit competitive programs yet. Once that happens their activities will cost more than groceries each month and groceries aren't cheap.

I'm not about to deprive my kids of activities or school perks so I just have to suck it up and find other places to save.... like groceries.

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