Time Our Most Precious Commodity

I've been thinking a lot about time lately, how fast it passes, how much of it I waste, how I never have enough. This year I want to start making better use of my time and being more productive. Since being home I feel like I'm always so far behind I can see my big butt and I don't get anything done, ever!

Some blogs I follow I have to wonder why these women seem to have so much more time then me and are so much more productive? For example, the writer of the Country Heart and Home blog has 4 boys, is pregnant, always is baking amazing treats and creating amazing craft projects, both on a daily basis. I am stumped at how she does it all.

Time Management tricks that have worked for me in the past:

1) Every morning making a to do list
2) Planning out my week
3) Planning out meals - quick and easy ones
4) List of goals to accomplish in view
5) Post it notes in specific places
6) Focus on task at hand
7) Break down tasks into smaller ones
8) Block time into similar activities - a day to run errands not everyday
9) Get off the computer
10) Get my nose out of a book - or listen to a book instead on my MP3 player
11) Turn off the TV - we finally cancelled cable, great time saver for everyone

There's a start to the list at least. I will continue to add to it as I figure out ways to better manage my time and be more productive around the house. The biggest issue I have with being productive at home is being interrupted, I can never get anything done because I'm always being interrupted to do something else and by the time I get back to the first task I have to start all over again.

What are some of your time saving ideas?

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Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Love your time-saving tips! Come over to my blog and visit me -- I've got encouragement galore.


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