My Son Wants an Agent

The upside to moving to the Vancouver area is the large film industry here. My son has been asking me to take acting classes and get an acting agent for years now and I've finally relented. Hopefully he can make enough money to afford college since the expense of living here is eating up all our money.

He's been going to Kid's Only Acting School in Whiterock and he really enjoys it. What I like about the school is they are NOT pushy and seem to be very well respected. The teachers there have experience, years of it, and are really helpful.

I was reluctant to let him get serious about working as an actor at a young age. I just wasn't comfortable with it. I thought making your kid work was a terrible idea. It's still not a great idea if your kid doesn't want to work or if they work so much they don't have a childhood or neglect school. I'm hoping he'll learn about the industry and make some good connections so if he is still serious about it when he's older then he has a decent resume to start with. If he does it now and finds out he hates it, that's OK too - then he can look to a different activity or career.

He doesn't have an agent - I've only just started to research it - but he's enjoying the classes and gaining confidence. He's learning about commitment and being a professional, so even if he doesn't go into the acting biz he'll walk away with some new skills and lots of confidence. Public speaking isn't easy, after all more people are scared of it then death, however he's becoming a natural. So it's been worth every cent!

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