Soup - Easy Family Meal Made with Leftovers

My mom always makes great homemade soup out of leftovers. I have discovered just how easy it is to feed the family and use up food that would otherwise go bad. If you plan your meals right, or at least freeze the leftovers properly, you'll have the ingredients to make perfect soup on the weekend.

During the week make a chicken or turkey. Save the bones - freeze them and any left over meat.

The rest of the week make at least one pork roast and keep the leftover meat.

On Saturday get the bones out of the freezer or fridge. Boil the bones with 1 cut up onion, some celery, and poultry seasoning. Cover and let simmer for a most of the day. In the evening pour the stock through a strainer and cool in the fridge overnight.

On Sunday remove the layer of fat and put the gelatinous liquid back on the stove. Add the frozen meat, any vegetables that haven't been eaten this week (or are going limp), an onion, a can of tomato soup, some salt to taste, and let simmer until lunchtime.

Any leftover soup can be poured into cleaned jars while hot and put into the fridge. The jars will seal.

The jars of soup can be easily packed for daily lunches.

I know it may sound very time consuming but its not. The time the soup is on the stove on low heat simmering you can be doing other things around the house. Its perfect way to clear out the vegetable drawer in your fridge ready for the next week of fresh produce.

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