Can Anything Be Done About Cyber Bullies? Should Parents be Held Responsible?

Last night W5 aired a segment on cyber bullying and how it is out of control. The effects of cyber bullying are worse then physical bullying as it creates constant fear in the victim.

Should parents be responsible for the actions of their children? Would it be too much to ask that children who are caught bullying be forced to go into councelling with their parents? Should a victim's family be able sue a bully's family for damages?

Take this thought a little further and ask should parents be held accountable if their child commits a crime? Whether it be dealing drugs, murder, or stealing? Would there be as much under age crime if parents were held responsible for what their under age children do?

If a family could be forced into family programs if their children committed a crime would they be more diligent about watching their kids?

Cyber bullying happens right under the noses of parents in their own homes. Parents should be responsible for what their kids do in their own homes at least. Programs should be created to help parents stop this type of activity in their own homes. Parents need to step up and be there for there kids and help them to be better citizens and better human beings. We can't always watch our kids, we can't always make choices for them, but parents can teach their children morality and how to make better choices in life.

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