Guilt is a Mother's Perogative

Ever feel like a terrible mother? Whenever someone says a judgemental comment about my parenting I automatically think "Am I a Bad Mother?" I afford my children too many liberties sometimes and I pick too few battles. I spend too much time working and too little time playing with them. I'm not highly organized around the house and don't do laundry on a regular enough basis.

Sure I'm not perfect, I never claimed to be. I love my children and I offer them a different education then most kids get. In meetings they sit and listen and learn about work and business. I'm blessed because they do sit so nicely for a longer time then most children their age and they are rewarded for it.

Every parent is not perfect we all make mistakes. Parenting is not easy and we could all use help not judgement. Look at your attitude, do you offer help or criticism when you see a parent struggling? Do you open your heart to others or turn your back if they don't fit into your image?

Try something new, offer helpful advice when asked and help when not. Try being a positive beacon to those in your life, offering encouragement and a helping hand. I was on my own with my kids for 5 months with only 2 hours a day without my kids. It is lonely and hard work being a single mom. If you know a single mom offer to help by babysitting or taking the kids to the park. It will make a big difference to the single mom and the kids. Instead of judging her and criticising, try helping instead.

We all want to be accepted, to be praised as amazing moms, but if all you do is judge and put down others why should anyone praise or help you?

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