Don't Overschedule Kids Need Time to Play Together to be Close

My children are different from each other in so many ways, but it is the time they spend together that is the most important. It is the activities that they both like that I try to ensure they get time for, watching TV and playing video games don't count. It is the quality time they spend playing together that will build a close friendship.

If you are so busy that the family doesn't get time to have fun together then its memebers will start to grow apart from each other. This year is the only year my children will be in the same school and the same schedule, it will be extra important that they spend time together.

If you over schedule your family when will your children have time to spend together. Since Last year our lives have been in constant flux and our kids haven't had many activities. They spend lots of time playing together. For this spring however, I've over scheduled - on Mondays my son has Drama, on Tuesdays Ball, on Wednesdays Piano, on Thursdays ball. Now add in my daughter's activities and it takes up Friday and Saturday.

If your kids can find activity's they like to do together then your one step ahead of the game. Not only will you save time by getting them to the same place at the same time but they will also find common ground that will bring them closer.

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