Identity - Does Your Child Have One?

Growing up I lived in a very small town - my high school had 350 kids from Grade 8 - Grade 12. The population of the town and the surrounding area was approx 2000 people. I was 4th generation in my town and I was either my grandmother's grand daugther, my mother's daughter or my brother's sister. This is how many people knew me my identity was wrapped up in someone else's identity and not my own.

Children of successful people and celebrities may find themselves in their parents shadow and not know who they are outside of their relationship to others. It may not sound like a big deal, but identity is the center of our self and if our self is overshadowed by successful or well known individuals we may have a hard time knowing ourselves.

Children, especially teenagers, need to know who they are outside of the family unit. They need an identity of their own, successes that are theirs and not judged for not measuring up to others. Some children may feel that they are in a shadow while others don't. What the child feels is just as important as what others say so make sure that your child's view of themselves is in line with reality.

I left the small town as soon as I could and have been trying to figure out who I am ever since. I know what I don't want, I just don't always know what I do want - really want.

My daughter knows what she wants, she knows herself and although it can be difficult for me at times I never want her to loose this. My son has a more difficult time knowing what he wants and what he enjoys in life, it is my job to make sure he finds passion and direction based on his identity and not mine.

What do you do to ensure your child knows himself and knows what he wants out of life?

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