Overwhelmed, Exhausted and Feeling Like a Terrible Mother

Ever feel like you're not measuring up as a mother? Do you wonder if you are messing up your kids chances in life and never do enough for them? I always have too much on my plate and then I get so tired I can't do anything. The guilt starts to seep in and I start to feel like a terrible mother.

So what makes a terrible mother? Are we terrible if our kids don't get to bed on time? What if they don't get to school on time every day? What if some of their dinners are cereal? Homework not always done or they don't read every night?

Parents are overwhelmed, especially if they both work. Single moms have a huge burden to shoulder with very little help. Does beating ourselves up or judging ourselves against others or a perfect ideal help or hinder mothers?

I have some days where everything works and I have the energy and time to devote to everything, it doesn't take much though for my schedule to fall apart and the kids routines to crumble. When I get so tired I can't think straight and I feel like I'm constantly waking myself up as I go through my day I can't help but be a terrible mom. My kids deserve the best but I can't always give my best, I know it doesn't make me the world's worst mom and it is during this time I shower them with love. Feeling guilty about not doing the things that mothers should do pushes me to hug them more, kiss them more, tell them how much they mean to me and that I am sorry things aren't the way they need to be right now.

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