Birthday Season Approaches - Birthday Parties and Gifts add Up

Christmas isn't the most expensive time of the year for our family. In our family the most expensive time of the year is April, or better known as Birthday Season.

My kids were born 8 days apart in the first week of April, add in Easter and I need to get a loan to fund the whole affair. I try not to do a big blow out, I burned myself out on those after the 1st year I had 2 parties to plan instead of one.

Even the smallest birthday parties can cost a fortune and where I live everyone continually tries to out do the other person with a bigger and better party. I played the game when I had one child, but with two parties within a week of each other I just can't compete anymore.

So why don't I just have one big blow out you ask? My brother and I are 6 days apart and my mom would have only one big blow out and I always remember feeling cheated because I had to share my birthday! Yes I was a selfish little brat and this may have been the start of the huge wedge that is between my brother and I. That and our competitive natures.

So here are my past expensive ideas that I probably won't do again:

1. A birthday cake for $45.00 plus tax for a 4 year old
2. Renting adventure zone for two full parties for over $100.00 a pop.
3. Having 16 kids to one birthday party

I'm sure I'll be adding to this list when I have more time to think about it. These are the top three that stick out.

The year I bought the $45.00 cake for my son was the same year my daughter turned 1 eight days earlier. I also bought a cake for a party at Grandma's house, a cake for his actual birthday with family, a cake for my daughters actual birthday and the $45.00 cake for his kids birthday party. I know I spend well over $100.00 on cake alone that year.

Jello Birthday Cake

Since this is going to be the start of birthday season I will be writing more on birthday party planning and ideas. Hopefully I can find some cost saving ideas for everyone.

Cake is made out of Finger Jello - Use Knox Gelatin to increase the Gelatin and the stability. Make layers to increase interest. Use a casserole dish and soak in hot water for a few minutes once its set. Decorate with icing and decorative gel. Add candles and start to sing.

In the past I used to throw out most of the cake after the kids had eaten the icing, now I make a jello cake and buy an icecream cake and have very little to throw out because the kids eat it all!

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