Prime Time TV Programming and Censorship for Kids

What's with prime time TV programming lately? I am not a prude or an overly strict stick up the butt parent but I don't think my kids should be exposed to certain subjects. The sex jokes of shows like 2 and a half Men for the most part still go over my 5 year olds head, but my 8 year old is getting an education. I do not want my boy treating women the way Charlie does. Shows like Family Guy do not belong on the TV before 9:00pm.

Even family shows like According to Jim have too many references to sex. Ok so maybe I'm just not ready for the "sex" talk with my tween. I don't want him to know what sex is yet, am I being unrealistic or nieve?

He told me that the grade 4s have sex ed, which means he'll have sex ed next year. They call it health class but they are learning about their bodies and how they work. He told me that he doesn't want to take health class because what they are learning makes him feel funny. (He's in a 3/4 split with lots of grade 4 friends) I didn't have sex ed until grade 8 or 9, isn't grade 4 a little early?

Maybe I'm just being overly sensitive but I really feel uncomfortable watching these shows when they mention sex.

When do you have to have "the sex" talk with your child and how do you?

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