I'll take a Canadian Election over an American One Any Day

I googled democratic primary to find out what happened yesterday and I'm more confused as ever. Does it ever end? By the time they get to the polls to decide on the president of the United States the voters will be shell shocked and suffering from electoral hang over.

Give me a good old fashion Canadian election, one month and done! OK so the parties have their conventions too, but still it lasts a very short time. One day of voting. Alberta called an election and elected a new priemer in a month.

No wonder an election costs so much, they never stop campaigning. It gets so confusing - one minute one is in lead and then the next another one is in lead. I took US politics in University, I should have taken US electoral process - it would take a University degree in US electoral process to understand the US Political news.

I'm not an American and I'm sick of the whole Obama / Clinton thing. Get on with it, take one day everyone vote and pick a candidate already.

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