Fathers and Daughters Have a Special Relationship -- Daughters need their Daddys

Fathers and daughters have a special relationship, one that needs to be nurtered. Yesterday my husband and my daughter spend the day together riding bikes and playing. This time that they spend together is valuable because it builds on their relationship and creates strong bonds. No relationship a little girl has will be more important then the relationship between her and her father. Each father needs to recognize this and spend the time it takes to build a strong bond with his daughter. Every daddy's girl's future relationships will depend on her bond with her dad. If she felt it was lacking she will be desperate to find any type of bond in her future relationships, if it was healthy she will look only for healthy bonds in her future relationships making sure they measure up to daddy.

Most guys don't understand how important their relationship with their daughters is, it is easier to relate to the son's and do guy stuff with them. Sitting down to a tea party and playing Barbie's isn't as fun, but just as important, it's not what your doing that matters, its that your doing it.

My husband and daughter rode their bikes to the movie store to pick a family movie for last night, they couldn't of picked a better movie. This is the ultimate in father / daughter movies. Dwayne Johnson plays Joe Kingman a star Quarterback for the Boston Rebels. Madison Pattis, from Disney TV's Cory in the House, plays his newly found 8 year old daughter Payten.

Payten is your typical 8 year old girl who Bedazzles everything and takes over Joe's bachelor pad, nothing is off limits to her regardless of what Joe thinks. Joe finds out that its not the stuff, the ego, the job but the time he spends doing the girly things with Payten that brings him closer to her and makes him happy. Finding pride in pink nail polish and happiness in combing a dolls hair is what being a father is all about.

Fatherhood is not an easy responsibility, it's easy to become a Father much harder to become a daddy. Every little girl needs her daddy's attention and love in her world because she is too little to gain entry into daddy's world but daddy is never too big to be a kid.

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