Cleaning and Staging the Home for Sale Today

Today is a big job day, I have to get the house ready for sale, that means decluttering, cleaning and staging. I've been so focused on my website and work from home directory that I've let the kids have a lot more free rein then normal, so I have a huge job ahead of me.

Earlier this year I emptied both my kids rooms and piled everything into the Family room, I put nothing back into their rooms. Somehow though my daughters room is so full of stuff that I can't see the floor. It's not all toys, she gets into everything and I mean everything, can't find the nail clippers? Check her room. Can't find the Sour Cream, check her room. No matter how much I tell her food is not a toy she insists on playing with it.

My son's room looks like a Pokemon battle areana, cards and figurines everywhere. For Christmas we bought him a Pokemon card organizing system, I thought it would keep him busy organizing his Pokedex and Cards. Ya no, he still hasn't got around to getting it all organized.

Today's goal is to get the upstairs tidied, cleaned, and staged. Upstairs we have 3 bedrooms, 1 Family room and 2 bathrooms so I better wrap this up quick. Staging a home for sale is very important for a quick sale. I have to get rid of all the clutter, remove oversized furniture from small bedrooms, put away everything and find some nice decrative touches. The only part I'm looking forward to is shopping for the decrative touches.

Need to stage your home, want some help?

Some Websites you may find useful when organizing your home and the kids toys:

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Start your spring cleaning with GetOrganized

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