Surveillance video cameras in Public Areas for Crime Prevention or Conviction

Calgary is considering installing surveillance video cameras in certain public places to help convict criminals. The concern other cities like Kelowna and Vancouver have had are privacy issues. Really if you are in a public place, how much privacy can you expect to have? If you are concerned with your privacy in a public place, exactly what are you doing in that public place that would cause you embarrassment?

Think about it, if you have hours apon hours of surveillance video to go through the only things that are going to attract any attention are those things that are out of the ordinary. If you are doing something you shouldn't be doing in a public place someone saw you, probably got it on their camera phone and uploaded it to the internet. Surveillance video is more secure then that.

I'd rather know that there was surveillance video so that if something did happen to me there was video evidence of it to convict the criminal. Everyone complains that crime is too high, but heaven forbid we infringe on their right to privacy in a public place. After all it is their right to commit a violent crime against someone and not have it recorded on video.

For those who complain that video surveillance cameras in a public place infringe their right to privacy, I ask this.... exactly what are you doing in a public place that you wouldn't want law enforcement seeing on video?

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