Bikram Yoga - Not for Beginners

I meant to only take one day off then with my kids school and halloween life just got in the way and I ended up taking 3 days off. As a result day 3 was almost as hard as day 1. I was doing all the poses and felt OK after doing both sets of the first 3 poses. I was probably doing about 80% of the poses but after an hour my stomach decided to rebel and I was done. I did leave the room but came back in and sat in the heat for the rest of the class.

If you have never ever practiced yoga before and you are unsure about how to do even the most basic of poses this is not the class to learn in. The instructors don't teach the poses, various skill levels, or ensure you are doing them right. They push you to push yourself further into poses while they stand in the front of the room directing what to do.

My husband is going tomorrow, at least he says he is, with me and I know he'll blow me out of the water. It should be interesting though because he has never practiced yoga before.

My goals now are:

Go to my first class ..... Done
Get through the whole 90 minutes... Done (then undone)
Do all the poses twice without puking.......
Go 9 out of the 14 days......
Kiss my knees.....

Day 1

Bikram Yoga - Yep Still Hot

Bikram Yoga Vancouver

Bikram Yoga

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