Bikram Yoga - Still Hot

Second day and I actually made it through the full 90 minutes. I gotta say there were times I wanted to leave but I wanted to get through the full class so I stuck it out and am glad I did. It was a hard, long, hot, sweaty 90 minutes but I did it!

The first half of the class was easier then yesterday but I still felt the heat and by the last half hour I was getting sick. To get through it I took it easy and only did one set of the poses. So I'm still not there yet, my next goal is to do all the poses twice without puking.

There were some amazing women at the class who could bend themselves and hold positions I didn't know were possible. The strength, control and concentration in these women was a sight to behold but very intimidating. A few others were new like me so I didn't feel completely inadequate.

The hardest thing about this class is seeing myself try to contort myself into poses in the mirror. It's a good thing I'm way too hot to care about what I look like at the time because it is a comedy in itself.

My goals.

Go to a class..... done
Get through the whole 90 minutes .... done
Do all the poses twice.......
Kiss my knees..........

Day 1

Bikram Yoga

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