Halloween School Party - Pumpkin Jello Cake

I'm busy today getting a snack ready for my daughter's school halloween party tomorrow. The kids love my flavored gelatin (Jello) creations so I'm making a pumpkin cake out of flavored gelatin that the kids can eat with their fingers. There are some flour and corn startch allergies in my daughter's class and all the children should be able to eat this Gluten Free Cake.

Finger Jello is a family favorite, my mom would make it for after school snacks and parties. I've taken it to the next level and made sculptured creations out of this yummy versitile treat.

Yesterday I helped carve pumpkins in her class and the teacher has been teaching them about pumkins all month. I decided to stay with the pumpkin theme for her class and for my son I'm gonna put together a large finger Jello spider.

For the pumpkin:

1 round bunt cake pan
8 small boxes of Orange Flavored Gelatin or 4 Lrg boxes
2 large box Knox Gelatin packets - 12 packets
1 frozen concentrated orange juice tube
Boiling Water

First Step:

6 small boxes of Orange Flavored Gelatin
12 packages of Knox Gelatin
1 Frozen concentrated orange juice tube
6 Cups Boiling Water

Mix the above ingredients together and pour into bunt cake pan. Fill to top if you have some left over set aside at room temperature for the next step.

Place into fridge to set

Second Step:

Once the Flavored Gelatin has set dip the bunt pan into sink of hot water briefly - just until you can see liquid on the inside edge. This doesn't take to long and you should shake the bunt pan to see if the Gelatin mixture has broken away from the pan. It happens quick!

Turn the pan over on a cutting board or plate.

Third Step:

2 small boxes of the Flavored Gelatin boxes
4 package of Knox Gelatin
2 Cups boiling water

If you have left over mixture from step one pour it into the bottom of the bunt pan. If it set then put in microwave for 30 sec - 1 min until it can pour into bunt pan. Fill bunt pan 1/4 full of liquid orange flavored gelatin.

Take the set orange Flavored Gelatin out of the fridge and place flat side down into the bunt pan until it stops. Make sure the liquid has surrounded the set Flavored Gelatin - don't want any gaps between the liquid and the set Gelation mass.

Put into fridge to set.

Step Four:

Leave in the fridge for as long as possible to make sure it has really set throughout.

To remove from pan dip it into hot water again.

Turn pan upside down onto plate, platter, whatever you are utilizing to serve it. Put back into fridge.

Step five:

For the stem you need to block up the hole in the middle of the bunt pan with plastic wrap. Put bunt pan in freezer while mix up Lime Flavored Gelatin for the stem.

Plastic Wrap and tape.

Tape plastic wrap to the outside of the center flute to cover the hole. Tape it as tight as possible to the bunt pan.

1 small box lime Flavored Gelatin
1 package Knox Gelatin
1 Cup Boiling water

Take bunt pan from freezer and pour a little bit of the mixture into the center flute of the bunt pan. Put back in freezer - make sure that the bunt pan is on a plate to catch any leeks. Once frozen pull out of the freezer. Fill up the center flute of the bunt pan and put into the fridge to set. Make sure you keep a plate underneath the bunt pan to catch any leeks.

Step Six:

When the green lime Flavored Gelatin has set then dip it into a sink of hot water and remove the Flavored Gelatin from the bunt pan.

Bring the orange Flavored Gelatin pumpkin out of the fridge and fit the stem into the center hole of the pumpkin. Cut the stem to size.

Done!!! Put into fridge until time to deliver to the school!

Alternative: make a flat thin layer of finger black Flavored Gelatin in a pan. Cut out shapes for a Jack O Lantern face and then carve out some of the Orange Flavored Gelatin pumpkin and fit in the black pieces to make a Jack O Lantern.

Birthday Jello Cake - Finger Jello Cakes make the best birthday party cakes as the kids eat up all the cake. Pair it with an ice cream cake and you're set.

Variation - Spider

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Nicola said...

really cute ideas! If it's not too late you can print some personalized coloring pages for each child @ Twistynoodle.com. You can change the text to each child's name.
Have a great party!
Nicola @ Twisty Noodle


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