Birkram Hot Yoga - Yep its warm.

Birkram Hot Yoga - It's all the rage, everyone is talking about the health benefits and how wonderful it is, so I thought I'd try the introductory promo - $29.00 for 2 weeks. Today I lasted all of 45 minutes before I was puking my guts out.

I don't take vacations to "hot" spots because I don't like heat. I don't even wear a coat in -15C (0C is freezing) because I feel warm all the time. Heat makes me nauseous - obviously! So it was no surprise that I didn't make the whole class on my first try out.

This is no beginner's yoga class, the poses are hard and I'm really out of shape. A work out to me is walking up stairs, with or without a laundry basket. I was really pathetic trying to grab my foot behind my back or bending forward to touch my forehead to my knees.

1 day down and only 13 more to go......

Goal one - go to a class - completed
Goal two - stay in the class for the whole hour and a half....
Goal three - kiss my knees ....

What is Birkram Hot Yoga

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