Suri Cruise - $3 Million Wardrobe for a 3 Year Old?

I picked up the latest Hello magazine on a whim to see the pictures of Suri Cruise. Suri is cute, adorable and spoiled. It's great that Tom finally passed on his good looking genes into the gene pool and his little princess does not disappoint the cameras. I read the article and they all sound very happy, but are they raising Suri to be a selfish spoiled brat?

Her wardrobe alone puts her into a class all her own - $3.3 million. Can she even wear all those clothes? How many has she grown out of without ever putting on? What values are they teaching her? Life is all about shopping, what you wear, and how you look? They report with pride that she is a little fashionista who helps mom choose outfits. OK I can think of more things that would bring pride to a parent then she can dress herself and the clothes match. Big deal!

The Cruise mansion has a whole wing devoted to every whim and wish Suri has. It sounds like whatever Suri wants Suri gets whenever she wants it. Since Suri is a media gem and the other Cruise children were kept out of the lime light it is hard to remember she has siblings. Were they raised the same? If Suri has a wing for herself do they each have their own wing? If Suri's wardrobe is $3.3 million, how much have the other Cruise children wasted on excess?

If Suri's life is to play out in the public eye how will the Cruise princess turn out in her teen years? Her early 20s? Is there more then rampant consumerism in her life? She is a little doll and I can see how it would be hard not to give her everything and since they can, they do. I personally think excess in life is not a good thing for a child. It is hard for me to look at Suri's life and think "wow, what an amazing little girl she's turning out to be." It's more like "OMG what a shallow exhistance." It always amazes me how many people look up to the Paris Hilton's of this world thinking that is something to be proud of. If you want to emulate someone, Angelina Jolie looks great, has it all, cares about community, and is doing something to make this world a better place.

Work ethic is something learned by those who work for what they have, not those who are given everything. Daddy works hard and has a great work ethic, that is something to be passed on with pride. Time will tell if she can look beyond her self and play well with others or if she becomes another Paris Hilton.

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