Christmas - Past and Present

The Christmas season is going by so fast and I still have so much to do. When you're a stay at home mom you can do so much more to make the season special for the kids. I'm in overdrive to get everything done because I started so late this year. I didn't even get advent gifts this year because by the time I realized it was Christmas - it was well into December. It finally snowed this weekend and we finally put up the tree.... weeks later then past years.

The difference between Christmas spirit in Calgary and here in the Lower Mainland is huge. In Calgary almost every house has lights on it by early November, here only a few houses have lights and it's mid December. In Calgary it feels like Christmas in November because of the winter weather, here winter finally came knocking and then rapidly left.

This week I've been knocking myself out baking cookies and fudge for gifts. I've been making Christmas cards and gift boxes for Christmas treats. I finished up the shopping and wrapping last week - only a few gifts left that I want the kids to go shopping for.

They went to see Santa but the pictures didn't turn out, so we'll be off to find another Santa at a mall downtown. In past years I'd take the kids to see Santa at the Chinook Mall in Calgary, I've put out these pictures of them growing with the same Santa, year after year, and am sad that this year there will be a different Santa and a different background.

I miss Christmas in Calgary with my friends and all the lights everywhere. I miss our home and all its nooks and crannies that I'd decorate. I miss my kitchen and its newer appliances for baking. I miss the community we lived in and all the people that made it special.

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