Christmas - Time for Family

My mom went all out this year and gave us a traditional family Christmas. The last time we all got together at mom's place for Christmas was so long ago I can't remember. We cut back on presents and yet had one of the best Christmas' ever.

My mom loves to cook and with our family growing she never runs out of mouths to feed. One of these years she'll have to compile all her favorite recipes into one book to pass down to my daughter who loves to help her in the kitchen. By the time mom is too old to cook for all the family my daughter will have a family of her own and can take up the torch. Whenever I hosted the family Christmas dinner, mom would take over the kitchen and cook up a storm.

What makes Christmas at mom's extra special is their home. It was built by my great grand father in 1906, so its always like we are having an old fashion Christmas, with some technology thrown in for good measure. My dad renovated it himself and he did a fantastic job of balancing the old with the new.

This year my brother brought his better half with him and our uncle showed up to surprise everyone. There has been no shortage of people to challenge for a game of golf, bowling, or guitar hero on the kids wii. (not a new gift). The wii has brought all generations together to play a game - my grandmother is the wii bowling champion and my kids are the guitar hero champions although my husband keeps trying to kick my son's but.

My kids love my brother and he makes a real cool uncle, his personality, interests, hobbies, and career are all pretty phenom in my kids eyes, actually in most peoples eyes. His better half is just as impressive so the kids are pretty lucky. It's too bad they don't get to see them more often, my brother is makes a really great uncle... hopefully one day soon a great dad too.

My mom is the hub that keeps us all together, without her we'd be scattered and rarely see each other let alone know what each of us was up to. Christmas wouldn't happen if my dad was in charge, he is the quiet rock that we can all count on but my mom is the one who puts in the work, the effort, and makes it all work. Dad knows how lucky he is to have her, we all do.

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