Christmas (or end of school year) Present Ideas for Teacher's Gifts

Always one of the hardest to buy for on my christmas list is teachers. I don't want to get them something corny or a trinket that will only clutter up their house. I want to get them something that will be useful to them but at the same time won't cost an arm and leg.

Buying gifts for people you barely know and yet deserve your thanks, like teachers, too often is done without thought. How many boxes of chocolate or coffee mugs are unwrapped with a grimacing thought of, "great another one to add to the collection.'?

Some ideas for Teacher's Christmas Gifts:

Christmas plate filled with cookies, chocolates, & candies
Christmas tin filled with cookies, chocolates, & candies
Christmas ornament
1 lb of quality coffee beans
Gift Cards to Starbucks or Tim Hortons
A bottle of wine - or maybe something harder to drink
A good book
A gift certificate to the local teacher supply store
A book for the classroom library
A box of Chocolates
A gift certificate to the movies
A Nice Christmas Bouquet of Flowers (not just a pointsetta)
A quality journal
Unique Stationary - trendy pins, magnets, paperclips, funny post its and notepads

Organize a collection for all the families and get:

A spa certificate
A gift certificate to the local teacher supply store
A gift certificate to a good restaurant
A year of "fun lunch" day hot lunches
A gift basket of things for the classroom

If you are creative and have the time:

If you are really ambitious then you could put together a scrapbook album from all the kids in the class.
A box of handmade cards (all seasons, reasons, and events)
A unique clip board or binder

Whatever you give add a letter of gratitude with it. Share a story your child has told you about the teacher or a special thing the teacher has done to create pride and esteem in your child.

What not to buy a teacher:

As I read other blogs on this topic I was reminded about how the usual teacher gifts for teachers can be a real waste of money.

Here's a Blog Posting on what not to buy teachers and why.

If you want to buy a "teacher" themed gift and have time to shop online:

Make a personalized gift at Zazzle.

Do you have any ideas of the best gift to get a teacher at Christmas?

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