Christmas - Ready or Not it's Here

Time passes so fast, Christmas 2009 is already here. Whatever happened to the last 1o years? It seems like yesterday that the world was obsessed with the anti-climatic Y2K farce and my son was just an infant. Ten years sure past away fast.

Today I have to pack up kids, presents, clothes, and snowboards to transport to my parents place 5 hours away for a traditional Christmas celebration. I just don't feel like getting ready to go to Christmas.

I pass my time today in leisure instead of getting the work of cleaning and laundry done. It is no secret that when it comes to housework I'll put any other work in front of it as a more pressing priority. Today it is online research of current economic conditions, not a pressing task, just one of interest.

I have to push myself to do the mundane unchallenging work of the house. The kids are excited with the prospect of Christmas being just around the corner, this excitement swoops by me and does not effect me. I do not understand why. I should be filled with Christmas spirit but being stuck at home has removed all spirit. My car's starter has stopped working and stranded me at home - bored.

Christmas time - how many are filled with excitement, how many are tired from the preparation, how many are stressed from the draining of their bank accounts? Are there mothers so filled with the Christmas spirit their excitement exceeds that of their children? I know women so filled with the spirit that they are happy and vibrating with energy during this time of year. How can I be one of them?

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Cens World said...

Hello there. I have to admit that i am also starting to lose that spirit of Christmas. For some reason, i had been regaining it lately. I one will be asking for the reason behind? I really can not give a definite answer. Let me see, next month our work project ceases, hence, there is a probability that come 2010 i might lose my primary source of income. I just wish i have a solid online work as a fall back for now- i dont. I am a single parent and my son is still depending on me. I see challenges ahead of me come 2010. Nothing tangible to look into, actually. Let us just say that for once, I decided to be happy. Just for Christmas. And i would like to give as well. That would be enough for now. Live one day at a time. Face the challenges one at a time.

You have such a cool site here. I would like to be your follower. Hope that is ok with you.


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