Organize Toys - Where to Put All the Christmas Gifts?

We got home late last night and now I have a pile of toys and stuff to find homes for. Not an easy task at the best of times but since we are in a temporary smaller home it is even harder. We got rid off all the old toys that were too young for the kids before the move so there isn't much more to pass off to the Salvation Army. Most are still in boxes in the attic waiting for our new home... whenever we finally can get a deal to stick.... presently we are on deal number 5.

I asked the kids to get going on putting toys away but that has gotten no where as they don't know where to start. If I don't know where to start how can I expect them to know where?

They are about to set off on their paper route so while they're gone I'll be rummaging through stuff, seeing what I can do.....

I ended up completely re organizing their small playroom. I put another box of toys into the attic for storage and tightened up the storage solutions in the room. I took out larger toy bins that were half full and made sure all the toys were put away where they were suppose to be.

I brought out different bins of toys - the new toys and their favorites and put the other bins into the closet for easy access. Each drawer was labelled and toys that didn't make the bins or the attic are going to the Salvation Army with the load of clothes that no longer fit. I am surprised at how many toys I did remove from the playroom, everytime I go through their toys I find more to give away. What a waste of money.

I got to become smarter about what toys I buy in the future, the longer they play with them the better the value. By buying toys that add to the favorite bins instead of creating all new bins keeps things organized better and ensures better bang for my buck.

Any and all ideas for organizing toys are welcome in the comments section.

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