Hot Yoga - It's been 5 weeks and ????

OK so it's been 5 weeks of going 3-4 times a week and I'm seeing more flexibility, the heat isn't so debilitating, and I've lost 1 lbs. Yep, 1 lbs. Now before you start saying it's muscle, except for the initial loss of water and getting into my next size down, I've seen no further slimming benefits. I've been eating less and healthier, but I could probably look to improve more in that department, especially since last night I ate mashed potatoes and a second helping of them - it'd eaten very little the rest of the day, and I didn't eat the meat on my plate - but still 2 helpings of 'mashed potatoes??' oh ya, did I mention I'd smoothered it with the mushroom soup gravy from the pork chops?

I've got to improve my eating habits every day - all day...... then maybe? hopefully?

The only thing I've proved so far is that hot yoga is not the only thing to do, I need to do more!

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