Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt - Always Doing Something to Benefit Those Less Fortunate

The if it's Hip It's Here blog has posted a full photo spread of the new Asprey Jewelry line designed by Pitt and Jolie. The proceeds from the Protector line of jewelry will go to the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict Organization. Personally, I don't like the snake themed jewelry or the idea of a snake as a protector - but that's my Judeo-Christian upbringing talking. However, I can see how this cultural icon has made its way into the hearts of this family and now will come to protect other Western families, thanks to these designs.

Click to view pictures of the jewelry pieces designed by Jolie and Pitt Takes awhile to load so be patient.

Asprey Jewelry Official Images and information on the Jolie - Pitt Protection Collection. Not all pieces shown.

Angelina Jolie is an amazing woman, an inspiration to many in this world to do what they can to help others. She could have been like other celebrities and only thought of herself but she has chosen to be more than that. She has shown the world what celebrity can do to help change the world. She not only brings awareness but also gives millions from her own pocket through the Joile-Pitt Foundation.

Since Brad Pitt has the same heart it is no wonder he fell in love with her and choose to leave Jennifer Aniston. It is tragic that Jennifer had to be hurt in this but the world has benefited from his contribution of time and money. He became a better person as a result of Angelina's example.

Anonymous donations and quiet contributions by celebrities are beneficial as well, however they miss the opportunity to utilize their celebrity to bring global awareness and change through the media. I realize many celebrities hearts are just as big and their contributions to those less fortunate are no less valuable then those made by Jolie-Pitt. The only thing that is missing is the constant media coverage that inspires others to do something outside themselves.

The Jolie - Pitt family does not use charity opportunities to increase their fame but rather use their fame to increase the charity's opportunities. The way they live, how they constantly contribute and the way they are raising their children are proof that their hearts are in the right place.

Most celebrities inspire people to wear brand names, look a certain way, or be shallow. Paris Hilton's new reality show 'My New BFF' is a perfect example of celebrity used for selfish shallow reasons. The qualifications to be her new best friend are so shallow it is pathetic. I hope to raise my daughter to laugh at celebrities like Paris Hilton and Value celebrities like Angelina Jolie. Since most celebrities are like Paris Hilton it will be an uphill battle for sure.

Angelina is one of my few hero's, my mother and grandmother being the only other two. There is no other celebrity that inspires me to be better or to want to be like them as much as she does. I don't have the money, talent, or fame that she does but I am a mother, a woman, and I can see outside of myself to make a difference.

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