New Bill Introduced to Help Catch Internet Child Pornography Offenders

I can't believe the government actually has to pass legislation that would compel ISP companies to report child pornography websites using their services and keep copies of any evidence uploaded to their sites. Failure to do so will result in Fines up to $100,000.00. Shouldn't this just be a given?

Why would any self respecting ISP owners who receive tips about child porn sites using their services not report it to police or save any and all evidence?

Is business really more important than children? Or is this law necessary to help collect evidence due to the privacy act that hinders the police? Since when is posting something online considered protected under the privacy act anyway?

Email your MPs and ask for tougher legislation to help close down these sites in Canada. In no way should any child pornography website be able to operate out of Canada.

Check out these sites that are helping to combat Child Pornography Online and Keep our Children safe on the web.

Cyber Angels CyberAngels is one of the oldest and most respected online safety education programs in the world.

CPAC - Childrens Protection Advocacy Coalition - Not the best site but their are links to other world wide organizations that are trying to stop child porn.

Websites against Child Porn - Lots of good information and links to more information.

If you know of any site or how to help stop Child Pornography online or off line for that matter please add it in the comments and lets work together to protect our children.

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