Bikram Yoga - for both men and women of all ages

I've decided that I will go every other day instead of trying to go everyday so I won't make my goal of 8/14 days. Oh well, better to keep going then over do it. Today I arrived at the studio and there was a junior hockey team there - talk about feeling old and out of shape. All these young fit hockey players wearing shorts or what looked like underwear getting ready to stretch and sweat. I almost went home but true to my new goals I stayed.

Yoga studios must be the newest pick up joint because each class I've been to has young beautiful women and men. My husband didn't go yesterday because I was too nauseaus still to go. He didn't want to go alone and one of his excuses was he'd feel out of place with a bunch of old women. Every class I've been to has a variety of both men and women from their early 20s to their 50s, so he would have fit right in.

As for the junior hockey team, they did all the poses although they weren't very flexible. Like most junior hockey teams there were the juveniles of the group who kept disrupting the class but they all tried every pose. Some were serious about their practice and were flexible and strong enough to be doing more advanced poses. I'm glad I stayed because I didn't feel uncomfortable and I just went at my pace and made it through the 90 minutes.

Day 1

Bikram Yoga - Yep Still Hot

Bikram Yoga - not for beginners

Bikram Yoga Studio - Whiterock

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